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Multi Access Edge (MEC)

The 5G future is open and disaggregated. Gain access to Radisys Edge offerings to accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs by leveraging a full cloud-native solution for virtualized or containerized deployment on any COTS hardware and access to a dedicated network services team.


A Complete End-to-End MEC Solution

Deployable in a variety of diverse environments, Radisys' MEC solution is a scalable and repeatable model for hundreds of edge sites. With pre-integration to 5G, our edge solution paves the way for enterprise and private 5G networks. Advanced capabilities for monitoring and orchestration create cost savings by automating geographically distributed application management. An extensible solution, our MEC solution is agnostic of applications and verticals while providing an end-to-end service view to the service provider.

Radisys MEC solution is based on ETSI MEC architecture and includes the following components:

  • MEC platform and platform manager: enables functionalities such as access termination, traffic steering, multi-tenancy for services, service registry, service authentication, telemetry, etc.
  • MEC Controller and Application Orchestrator: enables functionalities such as  application discovery and control, exposure of standardized APIs and web-based GUI
  • MEC application enablers like Media Server, RAN DU/CU
  • Brings system integration services to the table for edge service enablement


More Applications for MEC


Key Benefits

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Why Choose the Radisys MEC Solution

Kubernetes Based Edge

Our MEC platform is based on Kubernetes and can be ported on any cloud deployments or hypervisors as long as they support containers:

  • Tanzu - VMware
  • HXAP - Cisco
  • RedHat - OpenShift

5G Ready Apps

  • Edge workloads like UPF, AMF, SMF and RAN components are readily available on Edge Platforms
  • Open to integrate with any vendor UPF or RAN nodes

Tested Edge Apps

Apart from Packet Core and RAN components we also have media related apps for:

  • Computer Vision
  • AR/VR
  • Biometrics
  • Voice/Video Telephony

Complementary Solution

  • Vendors can onboard the Radisys MEC platform to ensure ETSI compliance

Services and NOC

  • Services team to design and build an efficient MEC site
  • Assistance in creating MOPs for easy onboarding and template creations
  • MANO integration, autoscaling and self-healing functions enable a zero-touch system

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