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Radisys Unveils 5G Advanced Wireless Connectivity Software for Industry 4.0 and Private 5G

Radisys Unveils 5G Advanced Wireless Connectivity Software for Industry 4.0 and Private 5G

Radisys Connect RAN

4G eNodeB Software

Our award-winning eNodeB software is a turnkey, deployment-proven solution that dramatically simplifies the development and integration of LTE small cells while reducing the typical product development time in half.

Proven 4G Software for Speed and Reliability

Radisys 4G advanced solutions deliver speed and reliability in wireless networks. Our turnkey, deployment-proven 4G eNodeB software has a scalable and flexible architecture to enable feature-rich services. This solution is available on widely used platforms and SoCs (system on a chipset), such as Intel’s FlexRAN, Transcede, and Qualcomm platforms.

Solution Architecture (Layer View)

Solution Architecture (layer view)

Key Benefits

Split & Monolithic Architecture

CU – DU Split through a W1 Interface (Option 2)


128 UEs per DU / 4 Cells per DU / 4 DUs per CU / 1000+ UEs validated


Standard support for TR-069 and TR-196 for FCAPs functionality


Abstracted from underlying OS/Platform and underlying Layer-1

Carrier Aggregation

Added capacity for your 4G network by combining two or more carriers into one data channel

Tested Range

Solution compliant to long-range test

Extensible Support Options

Supports CAT-M and NB-IoT features, Small Cell/Pico Cell friendly architecture, Multi-Cell, CBRS SAS functionality, and Release-15 NSA – ENDC

License Assisted Access (LAA)

Faster data rates and more responsive user experience from leveraging both the free 5GHz unlicensed band and licensed spectrum


Small Cells

Small cells enable operators to add capacity and coverage to their networks when and where needed – both indoors and outdoors.

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Private Networks

A private network or non-public network (NPN) is a dedicated and exclusive network that provides wireless services to a specific enterprise for allowed consumers and devices.

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Details on Connect RAN eNodeB

eNodeB supports both FDD and TDD deployments, enabling customers to leverage one solution that easily scales from small to large deployments. The software also supports carrier-grade, application-ready C-RAN platforms, allowing Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to maximize the speed of network functions running in a virtualized environment.

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System Integration and Professional Services

Leverage LTE-Advanced features such as Carrier Aggregation (CA), License Assisted Access (LAA), Narrowband IoT, and Category (CAT) M1 with expertise from our services team. We provide full support to our services and can also help you upgrade these features.

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