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Unleash the freedom to explore with geolocation and indoor navigation from anywhere in the world in real time. Provide live location updates powered by an all-in-one cloud-based platform with enhanced capabilities and technology for greater efficiency and improved battery consumption.

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Smart Solutions for Homes and SMBs

A Single Location Platform for Every Connected Thing

Radisys ReachPoint can support all your location, navigation and mapping needs cost-effectively in a single platform. Comprised of geolocation API, a mobile application or SDKs, and multiple web applications, the Radisys ReachPoint location as a service (LaaS) platform is flexible and efficient to serve infinite use cases for small, medium and large-scale enterprises.

Smart Solutions for Homes and SMBs

Key Benefits

High Availability

Cell-based tracking is available in all weather conditions and indoors unlike GPS, which is severely impacted by weather and physical obstructions

High Device Compatibility

ReachPoint works on any phone or connected IoT devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows

Low Maintenance

Battery consumption and replacement cycles are greatly reduced with Radisys ReachPoint

Lower Entry Costs

With minimal start-up costs, Radisys enables telecom providers to extend ubiquitous geolocation and indoor navigation services without incurring Capex costs

Mobile Application

Empower Users to Roam Freely with ReachPoint

ReachPoint reaches places where GPS may not be available, such as inside tall buildings. ReachPoint APIs work by accepting the addresses and signal strengths of cell towers and for indoor navigation BLE beacon-based technology to deliver timely and accurate location information. With seamless geolocation and indoor navigation, ReachPoint allows users to roam freely.

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