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Radisys Unveils 5G Advanced Wireless Connectivity Software for Industry 4.0 and Private 5G

Engage Video Assistant with bug

The world's first AI-based video bot for customer engagement. Give an AI boost to customer care, differentiate, and make it easy to interact with app-less calling.

Radisys Engage

Unique 3-in-1 Video Bot

Customer Experience (CX) has become a strategic investment for businesses to differentiate. To date, chatbots, speech-enabled IVRs, and other similar automation technologies have been the primary model for virtualized, automated support, and they have achieved mass scalability and agility to respond. However, they lack a personalized touch to create a more intimate experience for customer service, sales, and brand engagement and to develop strategies to solve common customer support challenges. Radisys Engage Video Assistant (EVA), a unique 3-in-1 (video, voice, text) bot, gives a conversational AI boost to customer interactions. It enables differentiated one-on-one interactions with brand ambassadors, influencers, and customer care representatives – just like live video calls. Unlike commoditized chatbots and voice-based digital assistants, EVA enables video responses by humans – not computer-generated avatars – to answer customer queries.

Key Benefits

24x7 Instant Responsiveness with Double-Digit Savings

EVA boosts customer engagement and agent productivity in double digits at a fraction of the cost. The 24x7 video bot instantly responds to customer queries and seamlessly transfers calls to live agents when appropriate without losing any context of the conversation.

Significant Differentiation with Personal Human Interaction

Unlike commoditized chatbots, Engage Video Assistant enables personalized engagement with trusted corporate faces or brand ambassadors while maintaining your brand's authentic tonality, attitude, and style.

Consistent Omnichannel Experience – Phone, Website, Apps

Add automated video-voice-text bot engagement to existing customer support phone numbers or embed the application on website and loyalty apps. Users can switch to video, voice, or text mode anytime, or the application can detect a suitable mode based on device capability.

No Coding Skills Required

A complete set of AI-based bot authoring tools for creating bot models, intent-matching, bot training, and publishing bots across multiple platforms makes the video bot creation a simple process without requiring any coding experience.

White Label SaaS Solution

A white label SaaS solution with flexible deployment options – in-network and hosted - for managed service providers.

Proven in Large Tier 1 Network

Engage Video Assistant technology is deployed by Reliance Jio, the largest LTE service provider in India, serving nearly 400 million subscribers, helping business customers to enhance customer service, reduce customer support costs and increase agent productivity.

Extensive Monetization Opportunity for MSPs and CCaaS Providers

Our fully customizable Engage Video Assistant platform enables Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Contact Center-as-a-Service Providers (CCaaS) to offer multiple high-margin services – auto-attendant video bots, video FAQ bots, virtual concierge bots, and full-service virtual commerce bots – to call centers, SMBs, and large enterprises. The application seamlessly integrates with any contact center platform. 

Extensive Monetization Opportunity for MSPs and CCaaS Providers


Digital Customer Care

Automate customer care while improving customer experience.

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Brand Engagement

Deliver memorable interactions that easily and effectively help customers

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Use Cases


Financial Services

Immediate, friendly, and consistent service with the Engage Video Assistant

See how a Fortune 500 bank is using the Engage Video Assistant to answer frequently asked questions on a personal loan.

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1 on 1 personal interactions with entertainers are simple with Engage Video Assistant

See how celebrities are using the Engage Video Assistant to promote their movies and interact with fans.

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