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Radisys Unveils 5G Advanced Wireless Connectivity Software for Industry 4.0 and Private 5G

open business accelerator

Partner Program & Benefits

As a Radisys partner, you will enjoy a range of benefits designed to nurture and strengthen our relationship and joint goals. Together we can drive disruptive technology solutions to create a more connected world.

Welcome to the Radisys Open Business Accelerator program!

Overview and Benefits

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About the Radisys Open Business Accelerator

Our Open Business Accelerator partner program is a core pillar of our business. We welcome into our Open Business Accelerator a variety of organizations and partnership types, from value added resellers, to ecosystem partners, ISVs, to solution partners and more. In addition to company partnerships, we are pleased to include a variety of standards based organizations in our Open Business Accelerator. The benefits following on this page are meant to provide an overview of our Open Business Accelerator program, however, we work directly with each partner company or organization to determine and execute a custom partnership plan to meet our joint goals.

Dedicated Partner Experience Manager

A Partner Experience Manager is the central point of contact to deepen and enhance your experience with Radisys, facilitate open communication and initiate problem solving. Your Partner Experience Manager can also help develop customized co-marketing campaigns, strategies and plans that best suit the needs of joint relationship management.

Your Partner Experience Manager will work with you to define the specific goals of the partnership, provide support in creating joint collateral such as customer-oriented presentations, solution briefs, and hosting sales training events, and engage with you to actively support co-representation at industry events. The Partner Experience Manager will do all it takes to increase mutual collaboration, productivity, loyalty and active business engagement.

Additional Partner Benefits

Sales Enablement and Market Expansion

For many of our partners, gaining market traction is a key goal. As such, your Partner Experience Manager can work with you to develop a plan to gain market traction through joint strategic sales and market growth opportunities. Many of our reseller and solution partners benefit from sharing sales enablement efforts, conducting trainings, and conducting joint engagements to cultivate customer prospects as well as grow the market reach for our combined solutions. We may also host joint sales engagement events to increase visibility and opportunity for our combined solutions.

Partner Training Programs and Roadmap Updates

Your Partner Experience Manager will work with you to develop a plan for training which best fits your goals. Depending on our partnership and your organization type, it can include sales and solution consultant workshops, technical and sales enablement training. You may also be entitled to receive periodic Radisys product roadmap updates that will empower you with know-how on the latest features being added to our product arsenal to reinforce and strengthen our joint sales opportunities.

Marketing Collaboration and Sales Engagement

Your success is our success! Towards this goal, we will closely collaborate with you on various marketing fronts simultaneously. We can partner on awareness campaigns and co-marketing events to build upon and socialize our joint marketing messages and value proposition. Your Partner Experience Manager will work with you to identify and develop an optimal portfolio of marketing collateral, customer-oriented presentations, partner blogs, sales training and joint press and media engagements. As a partner, you will be featured on the Radisys website with preferred logo placement and will enjoy access to Radisys branding initiatives.

Channel Reseller Partner Agreements

Radisys reseller partners will sign our reseller partner agreement which outlines the legal and business terms of the relationship and outlines the terms and obligations to be fulfilled by both partners.

We invite you to review our joint go-to-market strategy and track results through business reviews. This will enable us to make positive adjustments to our approach, share learnings and continue to refine our strategies. As the name of our program indicates, we are ‘open’ and want to accelerate our joint business!

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