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Radisys Unveils 5G Advanced Wireless Connectivity Software for Industry 4.0 and Private 5G

Custom Embedded and Hardware Solutions

High performance, end to end hardware solutions and system integration capabilities that deliver sophisticated customized solutions and lifecycle management from inception to implementation across the medical imaging and telecommunications industries

Building an Ecosystem of Customized Open Source Hardware and System Integration Solutions

Radisys has a strong reputation and pedigree as a trusted and proven provider of transformative hardware solutions, coupled with open software and integration expertise, to be the best choice for open telecom solutions in the DevOps era.

Our core strengths as a provider of custom grade hardware solutions and system integration across business verticals include:

  • Enabling global service providers to be first movers in cutting edge technology adoption
  • Delivering carrier-grade hardware and software suited to run in mission critical installations
  • Developing critical technologies trusted by customers that are integrated into networking solutions
  • Leading roles in open source initiatives including OCP, ONOS, SEBA and CG-OpenRack-19
  • Operational excellence and agility
  • Telco datacenter transformation expertise with a DevOps core philosophy
  • Professional service capabilities with over 30 years of experience

With a history of being a key contributor and thought leader in the Facebook and Intel conceptualized Open Compute Project (OCP), Radisys has contributed the CG-OpenRack-19 specification. With this specification, Radisys provided cutting edge open rack platform benefits for carrier grade telecom datacenters to deliver efficiency, scale, openness and impact. In the role or an ecosystem incubator, Radisys has made great strides by spearheading the development of a CG-OpenRack-19 vendor ecosystem. Participating rack and sled vendors included Pentair, ADLINK, Artesyn and other component vendors such as Intel, Cavium and Molex.

Today, Radisys has transformed rapidly and successfully from being a hardware products provider to becoming a custom solutions integrator across various business verticals ranging from telcos seeking open hardware solutions to major customers in the healthcare/medical imaging space.

Planning and Architecting Custom Fit Solutions

Radisys’ expertise in custom hardware enables the development of cutting-edge technologies in both the telecommunications and the medical industries. We deliver top of the line medical imaging solutions custom-developed for a leading medical customer and architect low cost open hardware solutions to enable various solutions across Radisys.

System Integration

 By evaluating specific business requirements and leveraging decades of hardware and software expertise Radisys system integration experts select product offerings from suppliers and propose the perfect integrated solution for medical imaging and projects across Radisys’ business verticals. Leveraging our network of partners worldwide enables our experts to create hybrid system integration models that feed our multiple business lines.

Value Chain Implementation

With business requirements and the Radisys value proposition in mind, project leaders can confidently execute make vs buy decisions. Radisys has built and manages a global value chain to support business verticals with manufacturing locations in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Post-Sales and After-Market Service and Support

Radisys has supported large service provider and medical industry customers for over 30 years, so our experts keenly understand the need for effective post-sales and after-market service and support. Our comprehensive services include options for post-sales HW/SW solution level technical support and extended life after-market hardware support with multiple options for business critical 24/7 support available. An integrated service and warranty model for all Radisys and third-party products and customized service agreements with options for hybrid warranty and support models deliver assurance that your purchase will have service longevity for hardware products beyond standard product lifecycles.

Custom Embedded and Hardware Solutions

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