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Radisys Unveils 5G Advanced Wireless Connectivity Software for Industry 4.0 and Private 5G

Radisys Unveils 5G Advanced Wireless Connectivity Software for Industry 4.0 and Private 5G

Radisys to present at MWC Barcelona Feb 26th- 29th, 2024. Visit our NetART showcase at Stand 2D50

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5G NR Software Suite

5G is empowering the present and future. Gain access to a truly disaggregated and feature-rich 5G software with scalable and flexible architecture and compliance to industry standards.

Connect RAN

Disaggregated, 3GPP Compliant, Feature-Rich RAN Software

Radisys Connect 5G software suite, based on a modular approach to Open RAN, expands the possibilities for building networks that deliver the high capacity, massive connectivity, and ultra-low latency required for 5G services. We leverage key partnerships to enable a multi-vendor, open and interoperable 5G ecosystem that disrupts the traditional way of building networks and enables innovation. 


5G NR Software Architecture

Based on an open interface architecture, Radisys Connect 5G software is highly interoperable to provide ease of integration with your existing and new network ecosystem. 

5G NR Solution Architecture

Key Benefits

Cloud-Native Design

All RAN software is available in bare-metal as well as containerized form factor (over native Kubernetes as Docker pods)

O-RAN Compliance

Open northbound APIs over E2 and O1 O-RAN interfaces

Disaggregation and RAN splits

Support split 7.2 (vRAN model), split 6 (small cell model), split 2 (F1 split), and E1 split (CU-CP and CU-UP)

Platform Portability

Support for both x86 and ARM-based NPUs

Multiple Operational Modes

Supports both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) modes

Frequency Range

FR-1 (sub-6 GHz) and FR-2 (mmWave)

Advanced Feature Support

Connect 5G RAN is a cloud-based 5G-enabled protocol software suite that is easy and fast for vendors to deploy and offers a range of options to integrate on cloud and hardware for OEMs. A few of the wide range of advanced feature support is listed below; please see Connect 5G RAN Datasheet for full advanced feature support.

  • 3GPP Release 16
  • Massive MIMO (mMIMO)
  • Network slicing
  • O-RAN E2 RIC
  • DSS
  • Edge offload and MEC related use cases
  • IAB
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Small Cells

More than just a tactical fix, small cells are a strategic enabler. Large service providers can deploy small cells to quickly and cost-effectively add capacity in highly populated target areas. For smaller networks, small cells can be deployed to grow coverage area efficiently and strategically. Our 5G NR solution offers AiO architecture support for small cells.

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Multi Access Edge (MEC)

Radisys' MEC solution is a scalable and repeatable model for hundreds of edge sites. With pre-integration to 5G, our edge stack paves the way for enterprise and private 5G networks.

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Private Networks

Enhancing 5G private networks with open RAN delivers enables you to access important benefits such as ultra-low latency, high network availability, high device density capabilities, open and cloud-native platform, and a large volume of data aggregation.

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Achieve carrier-grade performance with CBRS, a new shared spectrum that is making private LTE and NR networks more economically and technically feasible.

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Virtual and Open RAN

Open RAN or O-RAN refers to a Radio Access Network (RAN) which is open, intelligent, and deployed on a virtualized platform with high flexibility. O-RAN is about disaggregating hardware from software: open hardware and software using standard processors with open interfaces.

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Radisys Connect 5G RAN Software

Software for 3GPP 5G NG-RAN

Accelerate your time-to-market for 5G networks with this pre-integrated and cloud-enabled software for 3GPP and 5G-RAN.

Download Datasheet

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