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Service (Repair / Return) FAQ

Service (Repair / Return) FAQ

1. What is an RMA number?

RMA is an acronym for Return Material Authorization. A RMA number is assigned to the service order that is created when a customer requests repair or service of product believed to be defective. RMA numbers are required for all service and repair work performed by Radisys Repair Centers.

2. Why do I need an RMA number?

A RMA number indicates that the repair and service of a product has been authorized and that a repair order containing information that describes the product, problem, and customer has been properly created. RMA numbers are required for all product service and repair. Our Repair & Service centers may refuse delivery of any product that does not have a valid RMA number.

3. How do I get a RMA number?

If you purchased product directly from Radisys Canada, ULC and you have a current support contract you may contact the Radisys TAC team to open an incident report. The Radisys TAC Engineer will work with you on this incident to validate the hardware is defective and issue an RMA number to you. If you purchased your product through a reseller, contact the reseller for further information.

4. Why do I still need to go through TAC troubleshooting process when I know the problem is due to a hardware defect?

When an incident is opened with Radisys TAC, the Technical Support Engineer (TSE) is required to troubleshoot the reported issue, as it is possible the faulty part may be a symptom of a larger issue. TSE’s may be aware of other factors which may be software related that may cause intermittent failures.

5. What is my warranty period?

Radisys hardware products are sold with a standard 1 year warranty. Extended warranty can be purchased as an option.

6. My products warranty has expired, now what?

Radisys offers Repair / Return services for out of warranty product. Radisys will charge for this service. We will require a PO in advance of returning the repaired product to you.

7. Where do I ship my product after I have received my RMA number?

Media Server hardware products should be returned to the following location:

Radisys Canada ULC
4190 Still Creek Drive, Suite 300
Burnaby, BC Canada V5C 6C6
Tel: 604.918.6300
Fax: 604.918.6400
Attn: Min Li or Lisa Zhou

Please ensure to quote the RMA # on the ship to label and associated paperwork.

Please also ensure to add the following statement to accompanying commercial invoice:

Canadian goods returned for repair. No commercial value. Value is for customs’ purpose only. HS: 9813.00.00.95.