Testing & Automation

Communication Service providers are seeking an analytics driven, automated networking approach that enhances network resource control and better directs and enables network security optimization.

Automation and network programmability are fundamentally part of the evolution of service provider networks. Architecture including automation and network programmability are more agile, and can improve operational efficiency and time to market for new services, but require a thoughtful strategy and comprehensive testing before becoming part of the operational framework.

Virtualization will continue to shape the way network architecture will evolve. Networks as a service, for example, can be offered with extensive programmability, enabling the "spinning up" of private networks and related services in hours or days, not months or even years. To do this requires a cost-efficient way to connect services and resources, and this includes automation of provisioning and more, and initial and ongoing testing.

Our team assists our customers in developing an automated test framework to support agile network updates for rapid deployment of patches, security enhancements and new features to manifest improved operational capabilities.