Radisys and ASOCS Collaborate to Deliver Virtualized Base Stations to Customers

4G & 5G Network Evolution

The fusion of Radisys’ LTE small cell software, part of the MobilityEngine solutions suite, with the ASOCS vBS architecture delivers a virtualized software implementation of a complete base station deployed in a virtual machine on standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers. 

Radisys and ASOCS Partner to Deliver Virtual Base Stations for Mobile Operators’ Cloud RAN Deployments


ASOCS is a solution provider of Virtual Base Stations (vBS) have collaborated to provide mobile operators with an NFV compatible virtual base station for their localized Cloud RAN (C-RAN) deployments. By leveraging virtualized base stations and moving their networking infrastructure to the cloud, mobile operators can increase capacity and reduce total cost of ownership.

“ Leveraging Radisys’ established leadership in LTE small cells allows us to build a platform-agnostic virtual base station solution that is scalable, cost-efficient and truly cloud-ready.”

Gilad Garon

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