Networking Protocol Software and Integration

Customize your networking solution with Trillium Software and Professional Services support

While our CellEngine business is focussed on LTE small cell protocol software and integrated solutions, Radisys continues to offer Trillium Software, a comprehensive portfolio of protocol software stacks.  When combined with the networking expertise available through Radisys Professional Services, Radisys can offer a wide variety of customizable networking software solutions for our customers and partners.

For example, Test and Measurement equipment vendors can accelerate their product development, while minimizing risk, by including field-proven, standards-based Trillium protocol software in their products

LTE handset vendors can work with Radisys to help establish end-to-end mobile networking test beds, including our Core Network Emulator (CNE) which provides a fully standards-compliant Enhanced Packaet Core (EPC).

Media Gateway vendors can leverage Trillium protocol software stacks for TDM/SS7 interworking with SIP/IP networks. 

Contact Radisys today to learn more about how Radisys Professional Services can combine and integrate our software protocol assets to address your challenging product development or deployment requirements.


  • Industry-leading CellEngine small cell protocol software
  • Trillium Software Portfolio, consisting of comprehensive standards-compliant protocol software designed for rapid integration
  • Radisys Professional Services, offering the skills and expertise to combine, customize, and integrate our software assets to your requirements.
  • Flexible licensing models

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