Cut product development time in half

Our award-winning TOTALeNodeB LTE small cell software is a turn-key, deployment-proven small cell solution that dramatically simplifies the development and integration of LTE small cells, while reducing the typical product development time in half. TOTALeNodeB supports both FDD and TDD deployments, enabling customers to leverage one LTE solution that is able to easily scale from small to large deployments.

TOTALeNodeB also supports carrier-grade, application-ready C-RAN platforms, allowing CSPs to maximize the speed of network functions running in a virtualized environmentTOTALeNodeB also supports carrier-grade, application-ready C-RAN platforms, allowing mobile operators to maximize the speed of network functions running in a virtualized environment.

Radisys CellEngine

Radisys CellEngine

This video explains why working with Radisys for your Small Cell deployments can save development costs and speed your time to market. Radisys provides a complete Small Cell integrated solution and provides industry leading, end-to-end professional services.


  • Comprehensive radio resource management (RRM)
  • Self-Organizing Networks (SON) capability
  • Radio Interference Management and Radio Environment Map (REM)
  • Complete OA&M solution based on TR-069 and TR-169 standards from the Broadband Forum including zero-touch configuration, firmware management and fault management
  • Compliance with 3GPP small cell standards
  • IOT with leading femtocell gateway vendors
  • Trillium LTE protocol stacks supporting Layer 2 and above signaling and data planez


  • Turnkey, deployment-proven small cell software
  • Deployment-ready complete small cell solution
  • Integrated on the leading System-on-Chip (SoC) platforms
  • Off-the-shelf software built from the ground up for usability and maintainability
  • Consistent TAPA architecture for rapid application extension and simplified future upgrades
  • Professional Services and global technical support from trials through deployments
  • Optimized performance meeting or exceeding network requirements
  • Platform-independent software with integrated support for all major specific SoCs

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