Trillium Monitoring software solutions are the market’s most comprehensive passive monitoring protocol suite.

  • Field-proven passive monitoring software solutions
  • Comprehensive support of 3G & LTE wireless protocols

Trillium passive monitoring software protocol layers and stacks build upon the deployment- and interoperability-proven foundation of Trillium active protocol software. These monitoring solutions leverage the core enabling technology of the Trillium 3G and LTE wireless, SS7 / SIGTRAN, and ATM protocols that have been proven in telecom networks throughout the world.

Trillium monitoring software solutions enable operators to inspect key signaling messages, empowering applications to derive critical information regarding over-the-top applications, congestion, and usage patterns of individual users in real-time. Such visibility into network and subscriber usage patterns enables unique and innovative solutions targeted at network utilization optimization, assured quality of experience, and fraud prevention.

Trillium passive protocol layers are created by extracting the Trillium encode / decode module from the active Trillium protocol and combining it with the Trillium monitoring specific function (MSF). Many of the Trillium active protocol layers have already been converted to passive protocol layers and are available to be customized and integrated into your monitoring product by the Trillium Professional Services team.

Some of the Trillium monitoring software layers have been integrated into 3G and LTE monitoring stacks and provide a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution to get your product to market quickly. These COTS stacks are kept current with evolving standards, providing you with a compliant solution well into the future.

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