The Radisys Long Term Evolution/Evolved Packet Core (LTE EPC) software solution enables Mobile Operators to evolve their core networks to the LTE EPC specification providing latency reduction, improved bandwidth and increased mobility. Utilizing Trillium protocol stacks, the Radisys LTE EPC provides a 3GPP-compliant implementation of the three core functional modules of an EPC :

  • the Mobility Management Entity (MME),
  • the Serving Gateway (S-GW) and
  • the Packet Gateway (P-GW).

The Radisys LTE EPC software is designed to run on dedicated Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) multi-core compute network processors, or can be deployed as a virtualized solution on leading hypervisor technologies. The LTE EPC solution is deployed in an LTE mobile network between the eNodeB’s (such as the Radisys TotaleNodeB turnkey LTE Small Cell solution) and the application delivery infrastructure to deliver a variety of IP applications for the Mobile Operator to their subscribers. For example, in the Public Safety markets the Radisys LTE EPC provides:

  • on-demand deployment for agencies involved in crisis management,
  • multimedia communication between field teams and control centers, and
  • a congestion-free network for mission critical activities.

For rural networks, the LTE EPC enables a low subscriber density to receive higher quality voice and data transmission – across wide geographies. In enterprise or campus networks, the LTE EPC improves capacity and performance facilitated via Small Cells.

The Radisys LTE EPC solution provides a customizable feature set, a flexible roadmap and a time-to-market advantage. Combined with the expertise of the Radisys Professional Services team, Radisys can provide providr your customers with the right system architecture for your next generation mobile applications.

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