Enables the convergence of real time communications and streaming content

User generated audio and video content is reshaping media viewing and listening habits. The Radisys Engage Media Server media server platform enables service providers to optimize media to ensure the best user experience based on the device, network conditions, codec, and service levels. Engage Media Server can improve the quality of media in real time or “off-line”, based on whether the content is expected to be streamed or broadcasted. User generated content also requires media adaptation for it to be viewed by users on multiple devices. The economies to perform off-line transcoding and storage may not always make sense and sometimes mandate transcoding on the fly. Radisys Media Server enables both off-line and on-demand transcoding, ensuring the lowest cost approach. Engage Media Server can be distributed both in the core of the network and at the edge, adding another dimension to cost efficiency by processing media where it’s most bandwidth efficient and latency optimized.

Key Benefits

  • High scale real time and offline video transcoding and transrating
  • On-the fly audio and video quality enhancements
  • Deployable in the network core or edge
  • Simultaneously processes real time conversational and user generated media for applications that combine both

"Color Ring Back Tone service rollouts, which achieved early success in Asia, are expanding rapidly around the world because of strong subscriber demand for personalized telecom services. This means that, with our CRBT offering, our service providers can generate new revenue streams from their installed subscriber base. ZTE’s selection and integration of Radisys media servers to deliver real-time CRBT audio content streaming has been an important contributor to our CRBT deployment success."

- Zhou Fu Xing, Color Ring Back Tone Product Manager, ZTE