Integrated Speech Recognition Reduces Cost and Improves User Experience

Speech interaction over the Internet or with devices has taken off with the capabilities of Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google in phones, smart speakers, automobiles and more. For many interactions, speech is more efficient than other I/O methods. And in the context of phone calls, particularly for mobile users, it’s safer. The Radisys Engage Media Server, a virtual media server platform, combines the ability to process speech ranging from a small vocabulary of key words and commands to natural language interaction in the context of voice and video calls. It offers a much more cost-effective alternative to traditional speech recognition approaches because keyword detection is an integrated feature, lowering the cost and complexity of deploying speech features and improving the performance of applications through reduced latency in response. Radisys high scale speech decoding capabilities also reduces the footprint of speech services.

The Radisys Engage Media Server creates new opportunities for service providers by enabling cost effective new innovative applications including speech menu navigation, enhanced customer service, advertising, information retrieval and more based on “in-call” keyword detection and media analytics.

Key Benefits

  • Much lower cost than traditional speech recognition approaches
  • Increases the accuracy of speech recognition by improving the quality of the media
  • Cost-effectively scales to support in-network recognition for millions of subscribers
  • Optimizes performance by avoiding latency, complexity and extra processing of sending media to an external recognizer
  • Enables new services without requiring additional SW to be downloaded / installed on subscriber’s mobile device

"The growth and sophistication of our customer’s IVR service requirements motivates XO Interactive to invest in the most advanced, versatile, and cost-effective technologies available. Radisys media servers stood out from the pack because they delivered an open standards-based media processing platform that combined technical excellence with compelling economics. We are pleased to add Radisys as a trusted vendor in our network."

Jeff Bradley, Vice President and General Manager, XO Interactive, Inc.

XO Interactive, Inc