Distributed media opens new application horizons

Over 60% of mobile traffic today is video, and by 2021, that figure will reach nearly 80%. With the promise of 5G and explosion of connected devices, communication is evolving to the next era of hyper-connectivity, and immersive experiences. While applications supporting user generated audio and video content is reshaping media viewing and listening habits, they also strain mobile network bandwidth, performance, and cost economies. Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) aims to place processing resources at the access edge for mobile and fixed broadband networks to improve the delivery of content and applications to end users. Distributing media processing, at the edge dramatically improves network bandwidth utilization and help service providers realize the low latency expectations of 5G, while enabling rich new applications like augmented reality, localized collaboration, improved security, and more.

The Radisys Engage Media Server virtual Media Server software is highly optimized to deliver exceptional performance in virtualized and cloud environments at the fixed broadband and mobile access edge. It scales up – and down – to handle large volumes of HD video and HD audio traffic and optimize media for best quality of service based on network conditions. Radisys Media Server software is compatible with ONAP architecture and can be orchestrated by the industry’s leading VNF management platforms for on-demand, elastic deployments.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures efficient use of radio spectrum
  • Enables new revenue generating applications
  • Supports Network-enable IoT devices with voice and video
  • Reduces hardware footprint with cloud orchestrated on-demand media processing