FlowEngine™ for Intelligent Flow Management

Classify and distribute flows at high scale for maximizing application availability and performance 

Modern mobile devices and growing subscriber consumption patterns leads to the great diversity of service and application types.  Additionally, high speed flows is a big performance challenge to back end applications systems.  Without any form of intelligent management and processing power in the front-end of network, the applications cannot deal with the pressure of high-layer protocol analysis at massive scale.  The result is the loss of valid data and subscriber information due to lack of immediate processing.

The current design of overlapping the network with dense and complex virtual and physical network systems of switching/routing, load balancing, network analytics and security - has not kept up with the pace of innovation and added a prevalent layer of management complexity.

The FlowEngine strategy is to provide independent scale and flexibility of network elements by decoupling the control from data plane forwarding.  FlowEngine can provide a multi- terabit/s of data plane processing power with dynamic control by SDN orchestration layers using OpenFlow. In this configuration, FlowEngine can rapidly classify flows and forward them based on intelligent policies applied by the SDN orchestrator.

As FlowEngine load balance these packets to the specified applications and network services, it can also perform common L2-L3 network functions, mitigating network botleneck caused by disparity and complexity of existing network devices within the data center.


  • 100G line rate switch with OpenFlow control
  • 1.2 Tbps intelligent data plane processing
  • Millions of OpenFlow table entries
  • Millions of subscriber match tables
  • Millions of IP forwarding entries

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