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Radisys Announces Availability of Industry-first Release 17 Compliant 5G NR Solution

Radisys Introduces ReachPoint Indoor Navigation and Geo-Location Services for Enterprises

Radisys Achieves 2Gbps+ Data Speeds with Advanced FWA FR2 SA Solution on Qualcomm FSM 5G RAN Platform

Radisys Introduces Programmable Media Analytics to Monetize 5G & Edge Cloud Applications

Evolve Network Services

Deployment Services

Build networks in record time with Radisys deployment services

Evolve Network Services

Deployment Services

Megaprojects are just another day at the office. Radisys’ certified project managers bring their experience, processes and tools to help you ensure your projects are completed on time, at cost. Radisys is flexible to work with our customers' field partners or its partners for the boots on the ground operations.
Radisys offers service providers its proven Program Management services leveraging its Unique Build Process and Automation Platform.

Radisys Evolve Deployment Services can help MNOs and Fixed Broadband Service Providers manage network build projects on-time, at cost and with high quality.

Key Benefits

Accurate, time-proven field deployment experience
Proven processes, tools, and templates tools from expertise of building new and upgrading cell sites and network offices
Stringent acceptance procedures
Operations handover ensuring consistent service experience
Innovative passive site infrastructure solutions to reduce time to market and Capex