Embedded Products Solutions for Medical Imaging Vendors

You are challenged by a rapidly evolving market to deliver solutions that are innovative, meet regulatory requirements and stand the test of time.

Radisys design, development, and manufacturing expertise combined with key vendor partnerships produces medical appliance products optimized for medical imaging and surgical equipment. With a deep understanding of the Imaging system architecture, Radisys brings our strong telecom expertise to provide a switching solutionthat meets the need of medical OEMs as they upgrade their architectures to deliver images across high performance IP networks.

To further reduce your development time, Radisys offers a complete range of customized services to complement the medical appliance – including system integration, specialized test flows, customized BIOS, board configurations, thermal solutions and platform management


  • Performance driven roadmap
  • Long-life cycle platforms (7 Years)
  • Service life that extends useability
  • End to end product creation to delivery
  • Deep system level collaboration
  • Networking expertise
  • Firmware customization
  • Long life cycles, up to 7 year supply and 15 years+ service
  • Full product line including servers, embedded modules and whitebox switching - simplifies supplier management, audits etc.
  • Latest Intel® processors and video accelerators for manipulating uncompressed images in real time
  • Networking software for load balancing traffic and enforcing QoS
  • Stringent revision management
  • Low noise platforms
  • Quality Manufacturing
  • Certification enablement

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