T-100 Ultra

Optimized for high performance SDN and data plane NFV applications.

The T-100 Ultra is the Radisys flagship platform for creating and deploying virtualized network functions within service providers NGCOs (Next Generation Central Offices), data centers and POPs. Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) are hosted on Intel Architecture processor blades, based on the newest Intel® Xeon E5-2600 v3 processor technology. VNF processing is orchestrated through the state-of-the-art A2470 NPX hub switch, offering wirespeed analysis for rapid packet classification, advanced load balancing, as well an industry-standard OpenFlow v1.3 interface and SDN forwarding function for integrated routing.

T-100 Ultra Platform Comprises:

  • T-100 Ultra (14 slot) chassis
    • Backplane bandwidth to 160Gbps per slot
    • Aggregate 2Tbps+ over 14 slots
  • A2470 (NPX): 100G switch blade
    • Integrated load balancer, SDN routing and switching
    • Up to 4x 100GbE network ports per A2470 blade
    • Up to 4x A2470 blades per T-100 Ultra Platform
    • OpenFlow and Neutron plug-ins to orchestration
    • Service chaining across single and clustered chassis’ frames
  • A4700: Intel® Xeon E5-2600 v3 blade
    • DPDK, hypervisor and optimized vSwitch + Nova plug-in to orchestration
  • Optimized data plane processors
    • Multi-core packet CPU delivering 100G+ for DPI, security including RegEx
    • Includes virtualization and Linux-based data plane development tools

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