Type 6, 95x125mm COM, 2nd Gen Intel Core i7, -40 to +85C

The CEQM67HD provides extreme ruggedness and -40°C to +85°C temperature range combined with the second generation quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and the Mobile Intel QM67 Express chipset to provide breakthrough processing performance on a basic size Type 6 COM Express Revision 2.0 module.

The basic size 95mm x 125mm module is ideal for compute intensive applications, processing, test and control that require high levels of processing performance.

Radisys delivers the CEQM67HD module in a COM Express Revision 2.0, Type 6 pin out, enabling customers to take advantage of new technology such as Digital Display Ports while boosting features and performance with up to 16GB memory, additional PCI Express lanes, and improved storage, graphics and audio. The CEQM67HD module provides (Trusted Platform Module) TPM support as well as support for Intel Advanced Management Technology (AMT) enabling remote access and diagnostics via the Radisys Embedded Software Platform (eSP).

The Radisys COM Express (CE) family of products enables customers to start designing at the same time as processor release, saving months of development time and resources. OEM focus can remain on core competencies such as software and application development rather than high speed circuit design. Planned feature changes, demand fluctuations and performance upgrades can be handled without product redesigns using the CE family. CE modules can reduce service repair inventories, and simplify upgrades, contributing to the success of the product over its lifetime.

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