Dual Broadcom XLP 40G DPI Packet Processing

Targeting the needs of fixed and mobile broadband, the ATCA-PP81 dual Broadcom XLP 40G packet processing blade provides network equipment providers with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) capabilities to support advanced “content-aware” routing, policy control and security functions required by next generation multi-service IP networks.

Delivering per blade line rates up to 40Gbps, and based on Broadcom’s XLP832, ATCA-PP81 packet processing blade enables networks to deliver higher quality of service, increased revenue and optimized network efficiency to improve CapEx and OpEx metrics.

The ATCA-PP81 enables next generation wireless and wireline infrastructure solutions including LTE (Serving Gateway, PDN Gateway and MME), enhanced 3G networks (SGSN, GGSN, Internet Offload) and stand-alone service and policy control devices that scale up to 200Gbps.

The dual Broadcom XLP blade incorporates DPI techniques to extract information on individual traffic flows. With this information operators can deliver service-aware solutions that adapt on a per-service and per-subscriber basis – enabling maximum performance, efficiency and premium service levels.

The ATCA-PP81interconnects two XLP832 packet processors, I/O and backplane fabrics using a non-blocking 40G Ethernet switch. Each CPU is provided with four 10Gbps ports to the switch. External I/O is supported over a dual redundant 40GbE backplane fabric (with fallback to 10G) as well as external connections to 10GbE and 40GbE networks. The fabric can also be configured to support multiple 40G interfaces allowing the blade to function as a combined hub / packet processor blade in systems.

Coupled with Radisys’ ATCA systems and Trillium protocol software, ATCA-PP81 provides the fastest path from application development to deployment revenue. From DPI application such as policy enforcement, network monitoring and security, to Wireless Core Networks, ATCA-PP81 is the blade of choice for deploying a wide range of high-performance, scalable telecom applications.

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