ATCA Blades.

ATCA blades share a common form factor, simplifying the task of creating multiple network elements based off a single platform. This common architecture fosters both multiple applications with the same assets (blades) and interoperability among different types of blades used in variety of applications. It also makes it easier for system vendors to offer comprehensive infrastructure solutions, whereby equipment makers can integrate additional elements from the ecosystem as necessary.

There are many categories of ATCA blades supporting a range of functionality including compute, packet processing and networking. Furthermore, board vendors offer a mix of I/O, compute capacity, backplane interfaces and so on, providing equipment makers with a wide choice for components and subsystems. By choosing an ATCA Blade from Radisys, you can be assured that you’ve chosen the highest quality component available today

Board Description
ATCA-2470 ATCA-2470 (NPX) Intelligent Hub Switch
ATCA-2340 40G Broadcom Switch and Control
ATCA-7240 Dual Cavium OCTEON II CN68xx Module
ATCA-PP81 Dual Broadcom XLP 40G DPI Module
ATCA-4700 Dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3

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