ATCA-2470 (NPX) Intelligent Hub Switch

ATCA-2470 Intelligent Hub Switch for T-Series 100 Platforms

Data plane applications often have to make a compromise between using commercial silicon-based switches, specialized ASICs, or augmenting with separate packet parsing nodes to find deeply embedded fields in tunneled packets. With standard switches, this meant accepting simpler rules or increased workload for the application blades or additional classification nodes. The ATCA-2470 integrates line rate network processing at rates up to 400G (full duplex) eliminating the need to compromise and thereby maximizing performance, density and functionality in a single hub switch slot.


  • 560G external I/O ports
  • Up to 4 x 100GbE SR/LR ports
  • Selectable 10/40/100GbE
  • Advanced stateful and stateless load balancing saves node slots
  • SDN compatible IP forwarding and routing
  • Comprehensive load balancing and routing software
  • OpenFlow v1.3 interface
  • Versatile Access Control Lists
  • Over 100 million flow table entries
  • Powerful local processor (Freescale T4240) for L4-7 exception packet processing
  • Operate active-active or active standby


  • Supports integrated DPI, eliminating the need to utilize CPU resources for DPI, which improves platform density
  • Integrated load balancing allows a T-100 platform to use the VNFs more efficiently
  • Integrated software routes flows to the VNFs that need to be applied, in the correct order, streamlining and significantly improving processing efficiencies, while minimizing latency
  • Improves VNF efficiency, by minimizing situations where you have multiple instances of the same function working against the same flow.
  • Less packet loss since each flow is autonomously assigned to a VNF pool at wirespeed

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