Embedded Products™ for Medical Industry

We focus on delivering application-ready servers and COM Express Modules to the medical industry, so that you can focus on your value-add application development and final systems integration.  We remove the burden of HW platform development and perform this function for you.  Through years of experience in this area, we have transitioned across many generations of technology, keeping you competitive in the market place.  If you succeed, we succeed.

Radisys helps Medical OEMs solve many changes ; here are some common challenges we solve for you…

Challenge #1: Your resources are limited. How does Radisys help us solve this ?

By outsourcing the development of your HW platform, you can focus your efforts in the areas that help the medical team in faster identification and resolution for accurate diagnoses. For example, your design team can work on developing higher performance image sensors. In addition, your resources then work in areas of fixed cost which helps you manage resources and projects costs.  

Challenge #2: New technology transitions are difficult to plan and navigate.

Our deep understanding of  embedded product life cycles and our relationships with the leading silicon manufacturers put us in the position to give you the advanced notice and advice that will keep you competitive in the marketplace. We act as your trusted advisor and partner as you make your development plans.

Challenge #3: We need a long-life product approach in our industry and one that includes services. ?

Selecting and working with components that have highly reliable expectations and a long service life is a key focus area of Radisys Embedded Products.  We know which components to design in and how to extend the usability of our platforms products to meet the long lifecycle needs of your industry. We focus on delivering the longest MTBF solutions, with product know-howand establish service level capabilities upfront with extended warranties. 

Embedded Product Solutions for Medical Industry

Why Medical Solution Vendors Choose Embedded Products™

Business Benefits

  • Focus R&D on application differentiation rather than compute platforms, resulting in faster time-to-market for your medical imaging solutions
  • Improved economics through lower CAPEX (use resources more efficiently) and OPEX (fewer platforms to manage)

Technical Benefits

  • Faster processing and switching platforms reduce time in equipment and increase total throughpu
  • Common platforms use across similar systems ensures application development commonality and faster product introductions

Common Questions from Medical Industry::

We commit to a focused team in joint development with you.  We work as an integral part of your engineering resources.  As projects flow through the development cycle, we are constantly monitoring the development process and reporting where extra resources and attention is needed.  Not only forour resources, but for yours, too,  to ensure these next generation platforms are delivered on time. 

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