Embedded Products Solutions

Platform and Professional Service Solutions for Challenging Application Requirements

Radisys products provide high performance computing together with advanced networking and load balancing capabilities. The solutions are characterized by scalable computing and high IO throughput. Platforms scale from low profile 2U systems through to large frame level solutions.

Example applications include:

  • Telecom Infrastructure
  • Network Analytics
    • DPI
  • Network & Application Security
    • DDOS & related analytics
    • Advanced firewall
    • Lawful Intercept
  • Medical
    • Imaging
  • Aerospace & Defense
    • Communications

Deep Packet Inspection feature

Deep Packet Inspection feature Image

DPI solutions based on Radisys T-Series Platforms leverage a performance and cost optimized mix of merchant silicon ranging from Intel® Xeon™ solutions optimized for Intel’s DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit), to dedicated Packet Processing solutions based on Cavium, Broadcom, and EZChip. Radisys T-Series solutions are validated and performance-optimized for popular DPI software solutions from Qosmos, 6Wind, and Wind River,  providing the complete DPI package.

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Security and Packet Gateways feature

Security and Packet Gateways feature Image

Embedded products from Radisys are used as the basis for a wide-range of security and packet gateway applications. This includes security for both networks and applications, and are characterized by the need for scalability, high performance IO (up to 100’s of 10G ports or multiple 100G ports), efficient traffic distribution within the platform, and high- density compute for real-time flow analysis.

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Medical Imaging feature

Medical Imaging feature Image

Our design, development, and manufacturing expertise combined with key vendor partnerships provides medical appliance products optimized for medical imaging and surgical equipment.

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