Application-Ready Platforms for Challenging Requirements

Our Embedded Products are  focused on enabling the success of our customers.  These customers trust us to deliver the foundational elements of their solutions over extended lifecyclesand we deliver!  .  Our customer service focus, technology know-how, and our manufacturing quality have remained consistent throughout our 30 the years. 

Example applications include:

  • Telecom Infrastructure
  • Network Analytics
    • DPI
  • Network & Application Security
    • DDOS & related analytics
    • Advanced firewall
    • Lawful Intercept
  • Medical
    • Imaging

T-Series Platforms feature


Radisys T-Series Platforms deliver the scalability, capabilities, and performance to meet operators’ high-performance requirements for SDN, NFV, and network element solutions.

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ATCA Blades feature


ATCA blades share a common form factor, simplifying the task of creating multiple network elements based off a single platform. Radisys ATCA offerings include compute, packet processing and networking blades.

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COM Express Modules feature


Modules based on COM Express deliver high-performance processors and memory subsystems on a small form factor for embedded applications, while allowing customers to retain design-level IP on a separate carrier board.

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Medical Appliances feature


Radisys design, development, and manufacturing expertise, combined with key vendor partnerships, produces medical switching and appliance products optimized for medical imaging and surgical equipment.

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