Why DCEngine

The new DCEngine framework transforms service provider central offices into SDN-enabled virtualized data centers.

Service Providers are in the midst of a significant transformation away from traditional telco central office equipment and infrastructure to software-centric architectures running on open hardware with open source software.

DCEngine provides an open multi-rack level network functions virtualization (NFVi) and container based infrastructure for hosting thousands of virtualized network functions (VNFs) and applications under open software-defined networking (SDN) control.

NFV Scalability


Moving to NFV architectures will require powerful, open platforms based on COTS compute, storage, and networking elements. DCEngine is designed to host thousands of VNFs to deliver scalable NFV.

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Open Source Hardware and Software


Service providers are keen to avoid the past pitfalls of proprietary hardware and software infrastructure. DCEngine rack hardware is based on the principles of OCP, but optimized for telco environments. DCEngine also comes pre-integrated with the latest open source platform and orchestration software.

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Professional Services


We work with our customers to pre-integrate your open orchestration and platform software onto your DCEngine systems, allowing for rapid installation and turn-up to deliver accelerated time to go-live.

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