DCEngine™ for Datacenter Operators

Inspired by open compute project (OCP), but optimized for telecom environments

Based on Intel compute architecture, integrated with other open storage and networking components, Radisys has built flexibility into DCEngine. This agility addresses the telco central office demands for seismic, power, emissions, and NEBS, which are above and beyond the traditional data center requirements.

DCEngine helps Datacenter Operators solve the following challenges:

Challenge #1: NFV Scalability and Performance

Telco datacenter operators will increasingly use virtualized network functions to deliver services to their subscribers. NFV platform solutions must also adhere to telco space, power and safety considerations for central office environments.  DCEngine delivers rack-scale commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms for large NFV deployments, with integration flexibilities allowing  NFV infrastructure that can be customized to meet your requirements. The DCEngine Platform is specially designed for telco environments.

Challenge #2: Fully Integrated Platform

Operators save time and money by buying a DCEngine rack-scale hardware platform that is pre-integrated with your required platform and orchestration software.  This pre-integration ensures that when your DCEngine rack gets installed and brought up in your datacenter, you can then get your NFV and SDN applications installed and running on the platform faster and with less risk, resulting in faster time to revenues for your business.

Challenge #3: Simplified Maintenance

Operators know that when maintenance is needed, any downtime needs to be minimal.  The DCEngine is designed for rapid maintenance.  Full blind mate rear connections for power and network I/O, allow field replaceable compute and storage sled units (FRU) to be swapped in less than 5 mins with no requirement to disconnect individual cables.  The top-of-rack (ToR) switch is all pre-wired to each connector.  There is only one power connection point and a handful of network connections for a full rack, streamlining installation.

Why Datacenter Operators Choose DCEngine™

Business Benefits

  • Scalable performance from Intel E5-2600 server class processors, balancing performance, cost and power dissipation
  • Pre-integrated in ready-to-deploy frames and Pods, allowing install and turn-up in days
  • Fastest MTTR (mean time to repair) through rear blind made connections

Technical Benefits

  • Higher density, lower cost – delivering hyperscale NFVi
  • Pre-loaded Host OS
  • Meets telecom next-generation central office and data center specifications

Common Questions from Datacenter Operators:

Radisys DCEngine racks are pre-configured and pre-wired in the factory with customer’s specific compute, storage, and network configurations.  Each sled has pre-wired network connections to the top of rack switch, and pre-wired power connections.  Hence, when a DCEngine rack arrives on site, connectivity is isolated to a single power connection point, and a few fiber connections from the top of rack switch to the data center spine switches.

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