DCEngine™ for System Integrators

Accelerate your time-to-market and minimize deployment risk

Data center systems integrators are often tasked with the integration of a myriad of hardware, software, and networking solutions. Installing racks, pulling the cabling, installing discrete equipment, and then installing the software onsite is labor intensive and slow.

DCEngine simplifies the life of a systems integrator. DCEngine is pre-integrated in our factories with the compute, storage, and top-of-rack networking equipment required for your service rollout. Radisys goes one step further to also pre-integrate the platform and orchestration software, delivering a complete NFVi (NFV infrastructure) solution. The result is faster time-to-market with your cloud-based service projects, with minimized risks.

DCEngine helps System Integrators solve the following challenges:

Challenge #1: NFVi platforms are more than just hardware

DCEngine can be pre-loaded with your choice of standard Open Source software and middleware, pre-installed and integrated in the factory so that system integrators can install and turn up their DCEngine racks operational as quickly as possible.

Challenge #2: Minimize onsite installation efforts

System Integrators prefer to buy a custom defined mix of storage and compute, rather than do purchasing of individual units of storage and compute.  The DCEngine is customizable and designed for rapid installation and deployment.  It is pre-integrated in ready-to-deploy frames and Pods.

Challenge #3: Rapid Power and Network Connectivity

System integrators prefer solutions that can be rapidly interconnected into existing spine switches and data center power.  DCEngine is designed with full blind mate rear connections for power and network I/O.  Field replaceable units (FRU) can be swapped in under 5 mins with no requirement to disconnect individual cables.  The top-of-rack (ToR) switch is all pre-wired to each connector.  There is only one power connection point and a handful of network connections for a full rack, simplifying installation.

Why System Integrators Choose DCEngine™

Business Benefits

  • 42U configurable with up to 19 shelves for CPU or storage sleds
  • Pre-integrated frames and Pods
  • Certified CORD integrator
  • Blind mate rear I/O simplifies changing of units

Technical Benefits

  • Robust frame, meeting NEBS tempurature and siesmic requirements
  • Pre-loaded Host OS
  • Meets telecom next-generation central office and data center specifications

Common Questions from Systems Integrators::

Most service providers have standard open source and commercial platform and possibly orchestration software loads that need to be installed on each server, again taking many days of onsite work to complete.  Radisys Professional Services can pre-install and test your required platform software before shipment.  Hence, your NFV software turn-up procedures are simplified, allowing a much shorter timeline to install VNF, VIM, and MANO software, leading to faster timeline to service revenue generation.

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