DCEngine™ 42U System

Rack-scale compute, storage, and networking infrastructure designed for rapid installation and commissioning of SDN-enabled NFV infrastructure.

DCEngine™ 42U System Highlights:

  • 42U Integrated Rack that can be deployed in both legacy central office layouts, as well as next generation telecom data centers
  • Up to 17 shelves (2U each), configurable with Compute Sleds or Storage Sleds depending on your SDN or NFV application requirements
  • Configurable up to 3.3 Petabytes of storage
  • Configurable up to 136 Intel® Xeon® processors
  • Full blind mate rear connections for each configurable sled, enabling field replaceable units (FRU) to be swapped in less than 5 minutes
  • Integrated Top of Rack (ToR) switching
  • Pre-integrated high speed optical connectivity between ToR switch and each sled's blind mate connectors
  • Redundant power supplies that blind mate to rear 12VDC bus bars
  • Radisys Professional Services can also pre-integrate your required open source or commercial host OS, hypervisor, container, platform and / or orchestration software
  • Recommended platform for Central Office Re-architected as a Data Center (CORD) production deployments
  • Designed for installation and turn-up in data center environments in days, instead of months


  • 42U Integrated Rack, with flexible configuration of compute sleds or storage sleds
  • Based on OCP accepted CG-Openrack-19 specification
  • Industry standard 42U x 19” telco rack
  • Blind mate rear IO simplifies changing of units
  • NEBS level 3 GR-63-CORE and GR-1089-CORE capable


  • Configurable compute, storage, and networking resources for SDN and NFV applications
  • Higher density, lower cost – delivering hyperscale NFVi
  • Fast MTTR (mean time to repair)
  • Pre-integrated open source platform and management software delivers faster service rollout
  • Can be installed and turned up in days instead of months

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