NFV Scalability

Transform Your Central Office into SDN Enabled Virtualized Data Center

Subscribers are generating exploding volumes of traffic on mobile, fixed-line and MSO networks. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) provides a strategy to support this traffic with economy and scale by transitioning network functions on purpose-built hardware to software-implemented Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) running on DCEngine Platform.

Hosting VNFs to deliver thousands of services to support millions of subscribers will require rack-scale COTS infrastructure.

The DCEngine platform is designed to help service providers transform their central offices into SDN-enabled virtualized data centers. DCEngine provides a multi-rack level network functions virtualization (NFVi) and container based infrastructure for hosting thousands of VNFs and applications under open SDN control.


  • NFV scalability
  • Service agility
  • Opex reduction
  • Capex reduction

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