DCEngine™ for Network Architects

High density computing, network and storage based on OCP design principles

DCEngine provides pools of compute and storage resources that network architects can quickly scale to meet their evolving service requirements while improving agility in their service delivery.

DCEngine helps Network Architects solve the following challenges:

Challenge #1: Rapid Deployment of New Service Capabilities

Radisys Professional Services Design Consulting is available to help translate your business needs into appropriate hardware and open source or third party platform, orchestration and systems management software. Network architects also require solutions that improve service agility and enable rapid development of new service capabilities.  Examples include providing the resources for virtualized functions that are pre-packaged to support a dev-ops model.  DCEngine includes Radisys Software Integration Services to integrate you host OS, hypervisor or container software, storage and/or orchestration software.

Challenge #2: Scaling Compute and Storage Independently

DCEngine is designed to provide configuration flexibility of compute and storage resources.  DCEngine is a modular sled architecture that allows for trouble-free reconfiguration.

Why Network Architects Choose DCEngine™

Business Benefits

  • Pre-integrated in ready-to-deploy frames and Pods
  • Certified Open Source software delivers faster service rollout
  • Certified CORD integrator

Technical Benefits

  • Higher density, lower cost – delivering hyperscale NFVi
  • Pre-loaded Host OS
  • Meets telecom next-generation central office and data center specifications

Common Questions from Network Architects:

Radisys DCEngine is designed to provide the NFVi (NFV Infrastructure) of an NFV architecture. DCEngine hardware provides rack-scale compute, storage, and network resources.  DCEngine is also pre-integrated with customer’s required virtualization or container platform software.  The result is that DCEngine systems are fast to install and turn-up, allowing customers to quickly install their VNF and MANO software on top of DCEngine, towards generating cloud-based revenues fast.

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