DCEngine™ Solutions

Rack-scale hardware, with pre-integrated platform software, results in quicker time to revenue

DCEngine provides a high density storage, compute, and networking solution targeting the telecom datacenter. It is designed with a flexible, modular architecture. The architecture’s innovative and modular sled design enables simplified density increases by adding or replacing sleds. DCEngine is CORD certified and comes with standard Open Source software and middleware, pre-installed and integrated in the factory so that operators can install and get their DCEngine racks operational as quickly as possible.

Rack-Scale Infrastructure for NFV feature

Rack-Scale Infrastructure for NFV feature Image

DCEngine is a turn-key NFVi (NFV Infrastructure) solution, consisting of pre-configured compute, storage, and networking resources, pre-integrated with your choice of open source or commercial platform software.

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Services with FlowEngine feature

Services with FlowEngine feature Image

DCEngine Top-of-Rack Switches can be upgraded to Radisys FlowEngine, delivering advanced, flow-based traffic distribution, service function chaining, and advanced capabilities including carrier-grade NAT, Firewall, or IPSec services.

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CORD Pods feature

CORD Pods feature Image

Radisys is a certified integrator for Central Office Re-architected as a Data Center (CORD) deployments, including DCEngine racks pre-configured with CORD-certified software packages including ONOS, XOS, and OpenStack.

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