Introducing Radisys CORD

Radisys is a partner and leading commercial system integrator (SI) of ONOS and CORD projects. As a disruptive provider of telco cloud systems and data center integration solutions, Radisys is committed to accelerating service providers’ missions towards transforming their Central Office (CO) environments with economies that are typical for over the top (OTT) cloud providers. Radisys DCEngine, FlowEngine, and Professional Services embrace CORD principles in leveraging merchant silicon, vendor-agnostic white boxes, and open source hardware and software platforms to deliver today’s connectivity services, as well as tomorrow’s innovative on-demand cloud services, to residential, enterprise, and mobile subscribers.

As CORD system integrator, Radisys can turn up customized CORD pods to instantiate a central office (CO) in days with pre-configured services for experimentation, trials and production deployments.


  • Open Source Collaboration and Partnership

    Radisys is taking a leadership position in open source projects like CORD and OCP by:
    • Contributing core IP and technology to the Open Rack initiative within OCP
    • Enabling and contributing disaggregated/virtualized LTE EPC data plane services inside XOS (ONOS service orchestration)
    • Building CORD development Pods with complete (release) life cycle management
    • Hardening ONOS open source software

CORD System Integration

Telco cloud system integration and custom professional services is one of our fastest growing lines of business. Radisys CORD system integration (SI) offers a suite of services that can help accelerate your shift to a DevOps model.

  • Reference Pod experimentation and trial implementation
  • Custom software design, development, and integration
  • System testing and design verification
  • Partner system integration and validation
  • System automation and monitoring
  • Network Design and Development
  • Network Audit Services
  • Installation and Decommissioning
  • Hardware and Software Certifications, Integration and Support
  • Patch and Upgrade Services
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