Radiys Extends Convedia Media Servers with Transcoding Capabilities

RFC 4117 transcoding control interface support and new Transcoding Processor Card deliver innovative solutions for mobile, NGN and IMS networks.

HILLSBORO, Ore. — June 17, 2010 — Radisys® Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), a leading provider of innovative hardware and software platforms for next generation IP–based wireless, wireline and video networks, today announced the support of RFC 4117, a SIP-based interface for real-time transcoding services control for the Radisys’ Convedia® Media Server product family. In addition, Radisys also announced a new Transcoding Processor Card (TPC-I) for the Radisys Convedia CMS-9000 media server.

With the advent of VoIP technology and IP communication core networks, the variety of codec standards in the network is increasing. Transcoding converts one type of digital encoding standard to another, achieving interoperability among media streams using different codec standards originating from different endpoints in the network. The addition of RFC 4117 support, along with the new TPC-I card, meets Telecom Equipment Manufacturer (TEM) and Service Provider demand for a flexible, IP-based solution to support the transcoding requirements in today’s converged IP-based mobile, NGN and IMS networks.

“As a leader in IP media processing products and technologies, the addition of the RFC 4117 and TPC-I support was a logical extension of our Convedia Media Server product family,” said David Smith, vice president and general manager, Media Server Business Unit, Radisys. “This announcement provides our customers with an even broader choice of transcoding capabilities to meet their unique mobile, NGN and IMS network requirements.”

RFC 4117 defines transcoding services between two SIP User Agents (UAs) using Third Party Call Control (3PCC), resulting in a simple yet effective interface for rapid transcoding application development. Radisys’ Convedia Media Server supporting RFC 4117 is ideal for TEMs seeking a more streamlined transcoding control interface, in addition to a broader, full-featured media server interface, such as SIP with Media Server Markup Language (MSML – RFC 5707).

The new Transcoding Processor Card (TPC-I) blade is hosted in a Radisys Convedia CMS-9000 media server, and can work side-by-side in fully redundant configurations with existing media processing cards and system control cards in a CMS-9000 chassis. Radisys specifically designed the TPC-I to focus on transcoding applications, providing an alternative to a full-featured IP media server. Together, the new TPC-I blade controlled by an RFC 4117 interface enables TEMs to easily integrate transcoding capabilities with their own softswitch and application server products to offer a complete end-to-end NGN or IMS architecture to their Service Provider customers.

For more information about Radisys’ Transcoding Processor Card and support for the RFC 4117 transcoding control interface, visit the Radisys Transcoding solutions webpage.

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