Radisys Introduces Three New ATCA Products Based On The New Intel Xeon Processer 5600 Series

Radisys’ application-ready solutions provide customers industry-leading platforms comprised of a selection of best-of-breed boards, optimized for single- and dual-socket configurations

HILLSBORO, OR — March 16, 2010 — Radisys® Corporation (NASDAQ: RSYS), a leading global provider of application–ready software and hardware platforms, today announced the release of its eighth generation of Promentum® AdvancedTCA (ATCA) single board computers (SBCs), incorporating the newly–unveiled Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series paired with the Intel® 5520 chipset. With this release, Radisys continues to deliver on its ATCA 4.0 strategy, providing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with an industry–leading range of choice and flexibility in next–generation SBCs. Complemented by the broadest portfolio of ATCA products, this product line expansion allows OEMs to develop commercial off–the–shelf solutions to meet each application’s unique 40G technical requirements.

With Radisys releasing three different ATCA products based on the new Intel Xeon processor 5600 series, OEMs now have a broad choice of products to best address their application and cost requirements. The single–socket Promentum ATCA–4550 with an AMC and several RTM options provides flexibility and is ideally suited for deployments in legacy chassis where there are thermal constraints or the application requires a balanced memory–performance–flexibility profile. The single–socket Promentum ATCA–4555 offers the higher performance of Intel Xeon E5645 processor for customers that need further boost in application performance such as for Deep Packet Inspection. For customers seeking to deploy the highest performance available in the marketplace, the dual–socket Promentum ATCA–4580 offers the best option. This board, with the next generation chassis, meets stringent thermal testing and vibration requirements for mil/aero applications and NEBS requirements for communications applications.

“With the introduction of the ATCA–4550, ATCA–4555 and the ATCA–4580, we are the only vender that has chosen to provide our customers the most choice and flexibility in their 40G processing power decisions, demonstrating our commitment to helping our customers find an optimal solution for their unique application requirements,” said Venkataraman Prasannan, ATCA Business Unit Manager, Radisys. “As the leader in ATCA system deployments, Radisys also brings system–level design expertise to the optimization of these SBCs, enabling our customers to meet their strict time–to–market and price–performance goals.”

The Promentum ATCA–4550, ATCA–4555 and ATCA–4580 will be available as building blocks or fully validated and integrated into the award–winning** Radisys family of platforms. Radisys’ ATCA 4.0 platform, the industry’s first integrated 40G platform, provides the highest scalability and density possible in an ATCA form factor. When combined as part of a pre–integrated Radisys ATCA 4.0 platform, these new ATCA boards enable OEMs to develop applications with minimum integration effort.

“Radisys’ latest release is an excellent example of the future of ATCA,” said Lee Doyle, Vice President and General Manager, Network Infrastructure, IDC. “With its broad portfolio of next–generation ATCA products, Radisys enables its customers to support a wide range of 40G server and control applications.”

The Promentum ATCA–4550, ATCA–4555 and ATCA–4580 add the high–performance Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series into SBCs for significant performance increase and improved energy efficiency over previous processing technology. Coupling virtualization support, such as VMware, with 48–64GB memory, local storage and an Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI), Radisys solutions enable an array of applications for the communications and mil/aero markets including Load Balancing, Security Gateway and Deep Packet Inspection.

“The new Intel Xeon processor 5600 series enables developers to implement powerful and scalable product families,” said Frank Schapfel, product line marketing manager, Intel Performance Products Division. “This next–generation multi–core Intel Xeon processor technology gives customers the ability to tailor a legacy or next–generation computing solution to help them meet their specific price and performance goals.”

About the Promentum ATCA–4550, ATCA–4555 and the ATCA–4580

The Promentum ATCA–4550 delivers flexibility, providing a processor upgrade to Radisys’ ATCA–4500 SBC. The ATCA–4550 offers a single–socket Intel® Xeon® processor L5638, one AMC slot and support for up to 64GB of memory. It also supports a variety of RTM options including RTM with a single SFF HDD, an 8 Gpbs dual Fiber Channel RTM with SFF HDD and a 10 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet RTM. The ATCA–4550 provides a cost–effective solution for customers looking to deploy in legacy chassis or where price considerations are more important than raw performance. The Promentum ATCA–4555 provides a further boost in performance compared to the ATCA–4550 with an 80W single–socket Intel® Xeon® processor L5638.

The Promentum ATCA–4580 focuses on performance and delivers a dual–socket, six core Intel® Xeon® processor L5638 that supports up to 48GB of memory, in addition to supporting a dual HDD RTM. The ATCA–4580 provides the highest performance possible on a standard ATCA board, and is designed to work in the ATCA 4.0 platform, the latest generation of ATCA chassis.

Product Availability

Production shipments of the ATCA–4550, ATCA–4555 and ATCA–4580 with Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series are planned to begin in 2010. To place an order or to receive more information, call 800–950–0044 or 503–615–1100.

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