Radisys WebConnect facilitates WebRTC service development

Real-time communication services have traditionally been developed on specialized application server platforms designed for IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) standards supporting SIP. Radisys is a leader in the Media Resource Function (MRF), which provides audio and video media packet processing under the control of the Telecom Application Servers (TAS) in an IMS architecture.

WebRTC is an exciting technology that adds real-time audio and video services to a web browser. While some audio or video services can be supported between WebRTC browsers, a large number of the envisioned service use cases will require supplementary media processing capabilities and services. This viewpoint is outlined in a Disruptive Analysis white paper: Addressing the expanding need for Media Processing in telecom networks.

Developing and supporting WebRTC services beyond basic browser capabilities is achieved using Java-based service development and delivery platforms. In addition, the web development community defined JSR-309 as a standards-based Java interface for media processing control for Java application developers.

WebConnect is our solution for tying all of these networking and service development trends together.

WebConnect is a Java-based program, designed for installation into a JEE compliant platform. It converts JSR-309 media control commands to the SIP and Media Server Markup Language (MSML) commands for Media Server Control. Through Radisys WebConnect, Java developers creating WebRTC communication services now have access to highly scalable, feature-rich real-time audio and video packet processing capabilities. Radisys WebConnect is designed to interwork with our entire lineup of Radisys MRF platforms.

Using Radisys MRF platforms and Radisys WebConnect, WebRTC developers can leverage Java-based service delivery platforms to create scalable, high-capacity WebRTC services. Radisys MRFs, with WebConnect installed within the Java platfroms, not only expand the scope and capabilities WebRTC communication service use cases, but are also increasingly specified to deliver audio transcoding and video transcoding and transrating services for our WebRTC gateway partners.

The Radisys MRF product family, in combination with Radisys WebConnect JAVA, offers mobile network operators and WebRTC service developers a proven media processing solution, whether you are migrating IN services to IMS, developing the next great OTT service, or bringing WebRTC-based visual communication services to your customer base.

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