Radisys Joins other Industry Leaders to Test VoLTE and RCS Media

For the first time, Radisys will be attending the RCS, VoLTE & Beyond Workshop and we are thrilled to not only be exhibiting but speaking as well! Specifically, we’ll be participating in the RCS VoLTE Interoperability Test (IOT) Event from October 10-12, organized by the MultiService Forum (MSF) and hosted by Telecom Slovenia Group.

Let’s take a look at our technical participation in the testing event itself. We’ll be supplying our Software Media Server for integration testing in a full-featured multi-vendor LTE / IMS environment, where the solution will be functioning as an IMS MRF, delivering the Real Time Protocol (RTP) media processing requirements for a long list of VoLTE and RCS interoperability use cases.

Though testing is of utmost importance, it’s also important to discuss what makes this network, full of interoperable elements, so unique. Why are so many of the world’s top telecom engineers and companies convening in Central Europe to tackle several days of interoperability testing? Our presentation during the Operator Workshop portion to be held Oct 10 – 11, 2012 answers this question, speaking to the bigger picture here. VoLTE and RCS services will continue to grow in demand, and are critical to mobile operators growing their revenue stream from their LTE infrastructure investments across the globe. It’s important, then, that all network elements in an IMS multi-vendor ecosystem work together seamlessly to ensure the best media experience for a mobile operator’s VoLTE and RCS subscribers.

Specifically, in my presentation, I’ll cover how to leverage the benefits of the IMS to provide VoLTE and RCS Services in an LTE network. Some of my key talking points include:

  • The advantages of moving to VoLTE/RCS for fixed and mobile operators
  • The journey from TDM to packet world – the myth and the reality
  • Leveraging IMS Core Network for VoLTE/RCS – a truly converged network
  • Ensuring the best media experience

Plan on making the trip to Kranj? Please connect with us  so we can discuss how our embedded wireless infrastructure solutions can help deliver the latest VoLTE, RCS, and personalized video applications to your demanding subscriber base.

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