Radisys Hardware and Software a One-Two Punch for Mavenir

Here’s a blog fresh from the presses, we just announced that Mavenir has leveraged several Radisys solutions for its Mavenir mOne™ Convergence Platform. mOne is s a carrier-grade mobile cloud infrastructure that is already being used by multiple carriers.

Why did Mavenir chose to partner with Radisys? There were many technical and business drivers that led to our partnership, but from a high level perspective I’d have to say we helped accelerate their deployment time while also reducing investment and development risk.

What’s really cool is that Mavenir took advantage of our wide array of solutions we offer (from end-to-end of a network infrastructure) by using our ATCA platformsTrillium software and our Software Media Server.  The combination gave them the flexible, scalable, standards-based foundation they were seeking for their platform.

This announcement is also important because it speaks directly to a challenge many mobile operators are facing…the search for new revenue streams and lower capital costs. With Radisys technology, Mavenir was able to provide its customers with real-time mobile cloud services like Voice over LTE (VOLTE) quickly and efficiently.

It’s a first-hand example of how our broad portfolio of embedded wireless infrastructure solutions is helping operators migrate to new deployment models.

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