OCP-INSPIRED! DCEngine’s Compute Sleds Receive Certification

I am pleased to share that our DCEngine compute sleds have received OCP-INSPIRED™ certification from the Open Compute Project (OCP). As further testament to our team’s great work in delivering a solution that aligns with OCP’s principles, the vote by the technology giants that form OCP’s incubation committee – AMD, AT&T, Facebook, Google, Hyve, Microsoft, Salesforce and Verizon – was unanimous. In the coming weeks, we will begin to see OCP-INSPIRED DCEngine compute sleds, using the superior power system and state-of-the-art Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, listed on the OCP marketplace.

All DCEngine compute sleds comply with the OCP-ACCEPTED™ CG-OpenRack-19 physical specifications. In keeping with Radisys’ commitment to open architecture, the DCEngine compute sleds use a combination of organic designs which leverage third-party COTS elements, allowing for greater freedom and choice of components, as well as significant CapEx and OpEx savings. To help with maintenance and minimize service interruptions, the DCEngine compute sled can be removed and replaced quickly, without the need to power down the entire rack system.

The OCP-INSPIRED certification of Radisys’ DCEngine compute sled is just one of the many ways Radisys is contributing to the OCP and other open communities as well. Radisys received OCP-APPROVED™ status for its contribution of the CG-OpenRack-19 specification rack-scale platform solution which brings a carrier-grade rack scale design to the telecom arena.

As an OCP Silver member, Radisys we’re inspired to continue our work with CSPs and manufacturer partners within the OCP to bring open rack concepts and benefits into service provider networks, and to live up to our commitment to be a disruptive provider of open telecom solutions. 

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