LTE Webinar Series Part 2: Building EPC Systems

There’s no simple way to explore the wide array of technical challenges we face as we enable our customers to implement LTE network infrastructure. At Radisys, we provide embedded wireless infrastructure solutions that span the end-to-end mobile network and have decided that simply having a single, high-level webinar on the challenges of LTE does not do the topic justice. That’s why we’re sharing our knowledge and experience through a webinar series on LTE dedicated to taking a deeper look into topics such as service delivery and end-to-end QoS.

Our first installment in the series covered Interference Mitigation when deploying small cells. What’s next? Building EPC Systems. Renuka Bhalerao, Eric Greorgy and I will use this webinar to discuss the technical challenges when delivering LTE Evolved Packet Core network equipment from highly scalable network elements to providing the entire network in a small form factor. This includes scalability, performance, and key trade-offs when going to a compact network approach versus separate, distinct network elements.

Topics covered include:

  • Meeting the scalability and performance needs of the mobile core
  • High availability strategies
  • Challenges and solutions for delivering the compact network

Here are the scheduling details, please register today and check back for future blogs featuring follow up Q&A’s from the webinar series.

  • LTE Webinar:  Building EPC Systems
  • 05/17/2012
  • 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern, 3pm CET

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