LTE-Advanced: Continued Innovation Recognized – Small Cell Forum Awards Finalist!

Last week, the Small Cell Forum announced the short lists for their Industry Awards and much to our delight we’ve been chosen in the category of “Small cell network element design and technology innovation.”

Some may remember, and if not I’ll shamelessly remind you, that this is the category we won last year and marks the 3rd time in four years we’ve been shortlisted in this category. Some may say this smells of consistent bribery  – but at least in the case of this industry award such tactics do not work. The short list and winners are selected by a committee of analysts with no affiliation to the forum. That honestly is what makes this distinction so much sweeter.

If it’s not a network of untraceable Swiss Bank accounts that got us on the list then what possibly could it be? Beyond the hard work of our team and consistent efforts at Radisys to push ahead the small cell market there lies an innovative spirit which drives us to continuously push the envelope of what can be done with the game changing technology of smalls cells.

Last year we were recognized for accelerating the world’s first deployments of LTE small cells by delivering an off-the-shelf complete software product TOTALeNodeB, that provides for an extremely brief time from initial hardware availability to actual live deployments. This year we’ve shifted gears and placed our sights on LTE-Advanced. In partnership with our long-time customer Airspan we’ve delivered the world’s first commercial LTE-A small cell solution. Pushing the boundaries of performance and solving key challenges of interference mitigation and coordination.

I’m so proud of this team for its innovative spirit, diligence and commitment to small cells. Kudos and good luck to all those short listed. See you June 5th when the winners are revealed – I’ll be the guy with the pint in one hand and shiny trophy in the other…

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