Five Things You Should Know About OneMRF

How many media processing solutions does it take to power a network? The Radisys answer: just OneMRF.

Unfortunately for mobile operators and service providers, the punchline is if you’re paying for more than one, you’re paying for too many.

Mobile operators require media processing to deliver value-added interactive services and applications such as Ring-back Tones, HD Video and Audio Conferencing, Unified Communications and much more to their VoLTE, VoWiFi and WebRTC subscribers. And they need Real-time Transcoding to ensure ubiquitous subscriber connectivity and reach. Historically however, as service providers rolled out each new service, they also incurred the cost of “captive” media processing – where media resources are integrated and incompatible with other services. This resulted in an expensive – and underutilized – set of network resources from multiple vendors with different capabilities, control interfaces and platforms.  And it’s not just the higher cumulative acquisition cost that is an unnecessary expense. Operating expenses for disparate and uniquely managed resources that provide common functions are also significantly higher than they need to be.

Radisys is proposing a different approach – a service provider OneMRF strategy – one media processing platform for all real-time media processing services and applications. With this approach, service providers can leverage a common platform for media processing capabilities that can be shared across all voice and video services in the network. Here are “Five Things You Should Know about OneMRF:”

1.    You can reduce your CapEx by up to 50 percent leveraging OneMRF. You’re paying for a common underlying solution, rather than stove-pipe solutions from multiple vendors.
2.    A OneMRF strategy reduces Total Cost of Ownership by up to 33 percent. It’s a lot more cost effective when your team only has to work with one solution.
3.    It reduces network complexity. Radisys’ OneMRF strategy delivers simplified integration with standards-based, open interfaces.
4.    It helps you to evolve. And in the telco world, evolution involves moving from 3G circuit-based voice and intelligent network services to IP-based multimedia communications.
5.    You can make more money, faster. With a OneMRF foundation in place, new services can quickly be introduced in the application layer of your network using industry standard interfaces, allowing you to rapidly roll-out new interactive services and thereby generate new revenues at an accelerated pace.

Radisys’ MediaEngine product family of hardware and virtualized media processing solutions has been designed to accelerate and lower the cost of communication services, while delivering the scalability and proven reliability required for large scale network deployments. Contact us if you’d like to talk with our media processing experts and learn more about why OneMRF is all you need.

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