The Buzz at Mobile World Congress 2012

Hi, my name is Keate Despain and I am the VP/GM of the Platforms BU at Radisys. I lead a great team here at Radisys that supplies cutting-edge technology to many of the world’s leading brands. I recently spent a week in Barcelona attending Mobile World Congress. It’s an annual event that hosts 60,000 plus attendees all focused on the telecommunications industry.

This year the show was buzzing with intensity around Mobile Broadband and the continued excitement this technology can bring to consumers. With each customer I met with to discuss what Radisys can do to help them expand or differentiate in this industry, there was a common theme around how to differentiate and bring new services/applications to enable a better network experience. Radisys spans the technology gamut from small cells to core infrastructure technology so we get to see a lot of what companies are developing for this space. Their seemed to be no end to the new ideas or usage models with the possibility to monetize these great new technologies. The hottest areas this year felt to be in the space around small cell technology and how to roll out coverage, capacity and even new consumer devices. Another area of focus was on the topic of Deep Packet Inspection. This technology allows the service provider to know what kind of traffic is on their network, how to protect their networks, and shape the bandwidth dynamically to the needs of their consumers. Last major topic of discussion? The need to deliver these technologies fast and efficiently.

With so many attendees, this is a vibrant industry but also very competitive. Gaining and maintaining a leadership position is tough. One misstep and you are forced to sit on the sideline until the next technology wave. I am incredibly excited by this show in that our industry is helping the lives of the world’s population. Radisys plays a key role in this industry from its technology leadership in protocol stacks to cutting edge hardware platforms, especially our 40G ATCA assets which we showcased at the show, for the core network. We are the development team for many of these brand leaders in the industry and the mutual collaboration to design market leading products keeps us front and center of enabling the global wireless move to mobile broadband.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you all next year at MWC 2013!

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