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Cloud-RAN (also known as C-RAN) is part of the ongoing evolution of the Radio Access Network. Learn More »
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I’m reflecting recently about the possibilities of combining Distributed Antennae Systems (DAS), with small cells. We’re used to thinking of DAS as a more powerful but higher-cost solution than small cell products. Learn More »
We’ve recently been notified that our Integrated SON Solution with AirHop Communications and Broadcom is in the running for yet another industry award! Learn More »
I am pleased to share that Radisys’ integrated Self-Organizing Network (SON) solution placed third in the “Wide Area Network – RAN” category in the 2014 Emerging Technology Awards at CTIA’s Super Mobility Week this week. Learn More »
SON is one of the major focus areas for operators today; operators see it as a mandatory feature for small cell deployments. Learn More »
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I’m pleased to share that our Trillium TOTALeNodeB 2.0 LTE small cell software solution has won the 2014 Mobility Tech Zone LTE Visionary Award. Learn More »
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Nearly 100 telecom industry leaders joined our June 26 webinar on the Cloud Radio Access Network (RAN), covering a range of topics about the role of Cloud RAN and its emerging role in the telecom industry. Learn More »

So yes, the title of my presentation at the Small Cells World Summit this week was “Small Cells Big World” and yes, that title was written by me amidst a short vacation to the Napa Valley in April. Guess I shouldn’t come up with titles when slightly wine soaked, or should I, you tell me… Anyway, all kidding aside, it was a great week in London for the event and I’m not just talking about the beautiful weather. Thanks for stepping up London.

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In next 5 years, the number of smartphones will surpass the worldwide population. Learn More »
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Radisys and Fujitsu recently participated in an Infonetics webinar on May 6th titled, ‘Indoor Wireless Solutions: Technologies, Challenges and Backhaul’. Learn More »