Radisys Professional Services Help You Reduce Risk and Go to Market Faster

Radisys Products deliver key communication capabilities.
Radisys Professional Services applies those capabilities to deliver specific customer solutions.

Radisys product offerings are world-class, designed using open standards for rapid integration. However, no two service provider networks or customer product programs are the same. Radisys Professional Services are available to help bridge that gap, by helping our customers get to market faster, or deploy their networks quicker.

Challenge #1: Minimizing risks when adding 3rd party products into my product program

Networking Solution Vendors building complex integrated systems often face buy vs build decisions for many technology components of their overall solutions.  A decision to partner with Radisys also involves minimizing the project management, technical, integration and timeline risks.  Our Professional Service practitioners are experienced in complex real-time embedded software development, bringing hands-on experience in configuration or customization of our products into customer solution programs, with the project management discipline to identify, manage, and minimize risks throughout the project.

Challenge #2: Need expertise and resources to get my solution to market quickly

Our team have often been used as extensions to our customer’s R&D and manufacturing teams, through taking ownership of critical building blocks, integrating and expanding our products, or even owning the entire product life cycle or manufacturing supply chain. Rather than commit your resources to this learning curve, working with Radisys can rapidly ramp-up and augment your product R&D program or customer deployment with essential expertise, resulting in faster time to market.  Our teams of professionals can accommodate our customer and partner needs in a very flexible engagement model.

Challenge #3: Integrating new technologies into my communications network

Applying new technologies to telecom networking solutions requires knowledge and expertise.   With over 25 years experience in high-performance systems for the telecom industry, Radisys can deliver up-front network planning and consulting, to configuration and installation of our products, to integration with your operational systems and existing networking infrastructure, to training your team. 

Radisys Professional Service Offerings

Custom Development Services

Many of our products, particularly CellEngine and Trillium Software Protocols, are designed for flexible integration into bigger integrated access point or integrated software solutions. Radisys Professional Services have years of experience configuring Radisys products, or adding high-quality customizations to customer-specific products or network deployment requirements.

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Network Design and Development

Our System Architecture team will work with your team to ensure best network design for initial deployment and help optimize the network post launch to reduce OPEX.

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Network Audit Services

Our trained personnel will conduct a complete audit of the equipment and provide recommendation for upgrades, changes, or adds.

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Equipment Installation and Decommissioning

Radisys can provide additional manpower and guidance as new systems are built, integrating them with your existing data center architecture. We can also dispose of your older networking equipment to meet environmental requirements.

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Network Upgrades

Installing, configuring, deploying and maintaining new hardware upon deployment including SW migration/updates.

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Radisys Professional Services also offers extensive training modules for all our product lines, training for related protocol and integration standards, as well as customized training around custom solutions to your staff.

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Some examples of our professional service engagements:

  • R&D team augmentation for a focused short time period to quickly cross-train our customer R&D team on technology integration.
  • Delivery of critical R&D milestones with integration and feature development as a standalone team with accountability to schedule and quality.
  • Complete ownership of a customized solution development project, based on customizations of our core products or integrations across our software protocol libraries.
  • Managing the manufacturing operations of our customer’s business, including component sourcing, inventory management, manufacturing, and worldwide logistics.