Case Study: Key Points

Communications Service Providers (CSPs)

Legacy TDM audio bridge equipment for conferencing services is expensive to operate and nearing end of life. 

Many CSPs still deliver hosted conferencing services based on legacy equipment, but are seeking to transition to a pure IP-based solution that can support new capabilities while delivering improved economics.

Radisys’ SIPWare™ Conferencing Application Server and MediaEngine™ MRF delivered an all IP solution. Radisys’ Professional Services customized SIPWare to support an instant conferencing services application. 

Delivered a seamless collaboration tool, driving “minutes of use” growth, new capabilities and CapEx and OpEx savings. Radisys’ Professional Services enabled the solution to be delivered ahead of schedule.  

A tier-one mobile operator in Germany providing hosted conferencing services.

Case Study

Professional Services Case Study: Tier-1 Operator Deploys Radisys’ Integrated Conferencing Solution for Expansion in Germany

Many Communication Service Providers (CSPs) still deliver hosted conferencing based on legacy audio bridge equipment with trunk circuits to the network. These single-service proprietary conference and collaboration platforms squeeze profitability and lack integration flexibility.

In mid-2014, a leading provider of a conferencing and collaboration solution in Germany was facing two big challenges. First, its legacy TDM audio bridge equipment had become too expensive to operate. Second, the equipment was facing end of life. It wanted to replace the platform with a pure IP-based solution without interrupting services to its customers.



The tier-one German operator had purchased Radisys’ SIPWare™ Conferencing Application Server and MediaEngine™ to build an all-IP collaboration and conferencing solution in its next generation IMS network. It approached Radisys to customize SIPWare in order to build a brand new business application that would support instant conferencing services. The planned rollout for this new application was just nine months away. Radisys needed to complete the SIPWare project in less than seven months to allow sufficient time for integration and interoperability testing. 

The Radisys’ Professional Services team – with in-depth SIPWare product knowledge and strong project management expertise – worked closely with the operator to elicit the requirements, execute the project and deliver the customized solution a few days ahead of schedule. The Radisys team also collaborated with other vendors to complete the integration testing on time, enabling the application rollout to begin on schedule. The Radisys team continues to provide post-deployment support as needed.



By leveraging Radisys’ Integrated Conferencing Solution (SIPWare™ and MediaEngine™), CSPs can offer their customers a seamless collaboration tool for audio, video and web conferencing, driving “minutes of use” growth and CapEx and OpEx savings. 

This next-generation conferencing solution delivers crystal clear, High-Definition (HD) capable audio conferencing services for both VoIP and TDM endpoints and devices. CSPs can achieve improved economics by using a pure IP-based services platform, with SIP trunking through fiber connections with existing customer locations. The solution also adds important flexibilities, including web-based customer self-service portals and seamless integration with desktop productivity tools. 

Radisys’ Integrated Conferencing Solution supports SIP trunking interconnection with network providers and enterprise customers, allowing CSPs to achieve significant OpEx savings and interoperability benefits. Its multi-node geographically distributed architecture, along with hardware-level redundancy, delivers superior resiliency to achieve ‘five-nines’ availability. In addition, the solution supports HD voice codecs and automatic transcoding, as well as Voice Quality Enhancement including echo cancellation, noise reduction and packet loss concealment, to provide superior VoIP audio quality for an improved conferencing experience.


Radisys’ Professional Services Advantage

The Radisys team has developed several unique features and applications tailored to the needs of various CSPs. Our team has helped deploy the Integrated Conferencing Solution worldwide and continues to provide post-deployment support. Our ability to offer end-to-end development and support allows CSPs to accelerate time to market and gain increased service consumption and revenues while keeping cost and risks under control.