Network Simplification

Reduce cost and complexity with a common media processing platform for all conversational voice and video services 

Subscriber demand for mobile data, mobile video and more is straining network capacity to its limits, while subscriber revenues remain flat. Communications service providers are transitioning their legacy networks to an all IP communications network to alleviate this strain on their networks and reduce costs. By deploying an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture to underpin this network transition, CSPs can also deliver new revenue generating services such as VoLTE, VoWiFi, RCS or personalized value-added services.

The Media Resource Function (MRF) is a fundamental element in an IP communications network, processing real-time audio and video media streams under the control of Application Servers in an IMS. In addition, an MRF provides IP-to-IP transcoding and transrating capabilities for supporting communications delivered between devices using different codec technologies and connected through different access networks.

By replacing disparate media processing elements with a vendor and application agnostic MRF to support multiple applications, CSPs can simplify their network, thereby reducing CapEx and OpEx costs and accelerating their time-to-market. We call this strategy “OneMRF”.

Together with our ecosystem of application partners, we deliver a OneMRF strategy with our standards-based, platform agnostic MediaEngine MRF solutions. Radisys’ MPX-12000 Broadband MRF and our virtualized MRF (vMRF) allow CSPs to leverage one media processing platform that delivers carrier-grade performance using a truly open and vendor agnostic approach. 


  • Reduce CapEx and OpEx costs by consolidating legacy services infrastructure onto a flexible IMS compliant service delivery platform
  • Migrate TDM and AIN services to IP faster and more cost effectively
  • Accelerate the introduction of new services and lower the business case hurdle by leveraging existing infrastructure
  • Select applications from a rich and open ecosystem helping to break down the tyranny of tier 1 vendor lock in
  • Future proof your network for the explosion of video services while addressing the short term challenges with voice

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